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SEO Made Simple

May 31, 2021

WordPress is arguably the best blogging platform for SEO. But there are things you can improve within WordPress. Here are 13 WordPress SEO tips divided into two categories: (a) tips for improving the SEO of individual blog posts and (2) tips for boosting the SEO of your website as a whole.

This podcast is based on my...

May 24, 2021

There are lots of things you have to get right to do well at SEO, but there are also things you can get wrong. Here are the 10 SEO mistakes that people most often make and how to avoid them.

This podcast is based on my article '9 Disastrous SEO Mistakes and How To Avoid Them', which can be found at:

May 16, 2021

Search engine positioning is the art of optimizing individual web pages so that they rank as high as possible in the search engines for particular keywords. In this episode, I'll give you 13 actionable tips for getting your articles ranked higher in the search results.

This podcast is based on my article 'Search Engine...

May 10, 2021

Writing catchy titles for articles is a key part of On-Page SEO. Catchy article titles mean more clicks (CTR) from the search results. And CTR is a ranking factor: the higher your CTR, the higher your article will rank in the search results. In this podcast, you'll discover 21 formulas for writing catchy article titles...

May 6, 2021

LSI keywords are a hot topic in SEO. But there's a lot of confusion about what they are. In this article you'll discover what LSI keywords are, why search engines use them, and how you can use them to improve the SEO of your content.

This podcast is based on my article 'What Are LSI Keywords and Why They Help With SEO',...